Ask PumpWorks when you have a question about your water well system.

Why am I experiencing low water pressure in the house but my hose has good pressure?
It is most commonly a clogged filter. Check / change any filters in system and make sure all valving is wide open. If these do not work contact a professional.

Why is my water system turning on and off more frequently than normal?
Your pressure tank could be failing and in need of immediate attention. If your system does this contact a professional right away. This will work your equipment very hard and could cause larger components to fail.

The weather just got very cold, why did my water stop and can I fix it?
You are most likely experiencing a frozen water line. You can thaw your own system with a space heater, etc., but be careful as there could be freeze breaks in your lines and cause flooding. We suggest you call a professional to shut the water off and repair any problems.

Why does my water system take a very long time to build up pressure?
In this case contact a professional, there could be many reasons i.e., worn pump and motor, leak in system, water table dropping, and many other scenarios.

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